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Please help! [
UPDATED >> Monday 08/17/09 @ 2:41 am
I will be participating in a walk on September 26th to raise money for Polysistic Kidney Disease education and research. This disease affects various members of my family. I am walking in honor of all of them. Anything that you can donate would mean a lot to me. Thanks in advance for your support!

You can donate here:

Polycystic kidney disease is one of the most common life-threatening genetic diseases, affecting more people that Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and sickle cell anemia - combined. Currently there is no treatment and no cure… But there is hope.

The PKD Foundation is here to ensure that someday, no one suffers the full effects of PKD.
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Lesson learned... [
UPDATED >> Monday 07/21/08 @ 12:03 am
I decided I'm going to stop being the "understanding" one.

Saying you understand is like an invitation to let guys walk all over you. So next time instead of saying I understand, I'm going to say, that's not what I want. And if they don't UNDERSTAND that, then I will walk away knowing that was the right decision.
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Wa wah wahh [
UPDATED >> Tuesday 11/13/07 @ 10:28 am
[ mood | blank ]

I can't wait to not go to macomb anymore. I'm getting too old to be around these kids that still think they're in high school! Okay, I just had to get that off my chest. On to other things...

Life is good. Classes are coming to an end, and I'm doing well in all of them. I decided that I'm going to have a good Christmas this year. Last year I was bummed because it was the first Christmas my parents weren't together. But I decided I'm not going to let their crap stop me from enjoying the holiday season. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week already!! Crazy stuff. I just realized how close it was when a million people were buying turkeys yesterday at Kroger. Ohhh Kroger. I love my job. We are opening a Starbucks inside my store on the 26th. I'm stoked. Except for the part where I will be broke from buying it. I'm going to have to limit myself to one starbucks purchase a week or something. I'm really excited for a month off of school. I really need it. It will be my first break in a year, because I took summer classes. Boy do I need it. My classes next semester are AMAZING. So I honestly can't wait to start them. I don't feel like sitting here anymore!!! I'm going to look for some children's books reviews online for my children's lit class.

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Thank you coffee [
UPDATED >> Tuesday 11/06/07 @ 10:39 am
[ mood | creative ]

Last night I went through a nightmare trying to register for classes. There are only four classes I need left at Macomb so I had to make sure I could get into all of them. The web registration system crashed and the phone lines were all busy. I thought for sure I wasn't going to get into any of them. I was freaking out. But this morning I called and I got into all four. Thank goodness. That will be my last semester at Macomb. I wish I could stay here! It's so much closer! But I will be an official Oakland student next fall. Grr I don't want that drive!! I do need to put my education on the fast track though, because I got behind when I transferred home. Sucky. Honestly though, I'm not in a hurry to graduate with a degree that has no job oppurtunities right now.

I have so much new music lately I don't even know what to do with myself. The Josh Groban christmas cd, the new celine cd, and YES the Britney cd. I love all three. I'm going to see DANE COOK on the 24th and I can't wait! We have amazing seats! It will definitely be a fun time. Well, that's about enough for today.

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General Update on life [
UPDATED >> Wednesday 10/17/07 @ 12:37 pm
[ mood | sick ]

Well, life has been good to me lately. Besides the fact that I'm sick right now (grr) things have been going fairly well. I'm a very busy girl! I work about 35 hours a week and then go to school. I also host karaoke on Thursday nights. It's a lot of fun. My dad has been doing great, it's good to see him happy again. Holly is growing up so fast, she'll be 14 in January. I just can't believe that. I also babysit my nephew every friday. He's almost 4 months old now, and he's the most adorable thing. He is my saving grace. Whenever I'm sad, I just look at that little man and know that my family is blessed to have him. He's such a happy baby! I love all the people that are in my life right now. I've met some amazing people at my job, people that I know will be life long friends. It's such a great feeling. Not too mention I still have all of my other wonderful friends too :) Well, just a short update for now. I will try to start writing in here more.

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I'm an aunt!!! [
UPDATED >> Wednesday 06/27/07 @ 11:10 am
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Owen Richard Latowski

Born June 26 at 8:57 pm (over a month early)
4 lbs 12 oz (he's a little guy but he's in really good health!)

Him and my sister are both going home tomorrow. The picture doesn't do him justice. He's so precious!

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UPDATED >> Saturday 03/10/07 @ 12:17 am
[ mood | lonely ]

It's so hard when you leave the place where all of your friends are. My best friends are all still at western. I feel like the only person I have here is Brendon, and I hate that feeling. I feel like if I'm not with him, then I have nothing to do. I have no friends here to spend time with. It really sucks, because Brendon will go out with his friends, and I tag along a lot of times, but I want to be able to just go out with my friends. Tonight he is out, and here I am, sitting here alone. I know it's not his fault that I'm sitting here, but I can't help but be a little angry with him for leaving me alone. I think it's important that we spend time apart, but it just sucks when he is out having fun and I'm doing nothing. I feel like a total loser honestly. Like I have no friends or something. It's just really hard. So I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself. Great. Where does one make friends when most people already have established their group? I mean I have a lot of friends at work, but most of them are in high school, so they are basically at work friends only. It's also really hard because Jenn is here, yet we aren't friends anymore. If we were, I'm sure I would be hanging out with her tonight. I really miss her. I wish things would have worked out differently. I wish a lot of things worked out differently actually. I wish I was happier.

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i'm bring lj back [
UPDATED >> Thursday 03/08/07 @ 3:11 pm
[ mood | complacent ]

I decided I'm going to start writing in here again. I don't really care if anyone reads it, I just want to do it for myself. So there.

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UPDATED >> Saturday 09/09/06 @ 12:47 am
i'm already sick of living at home
i want out

i know thats bad, but its really really true
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Well let's see here... [
UPDATED >> Saturday 07/08/06 @ 2:30 pm
[ mood | sad ]

Ok so long time no real update. Let's see what is there to say? Summer has been flying by, and I'm not looking forward to going back to classes!!! I finally got a job at Kroger in Richmond...yeah, not really the ideal but hey, what are ya gonna do? I'm a cashier there and it's not all that bad. When I'm not there I just try and hang out with my friends as much as possible.

Sooo last Saturday, Brendon and I went out to dinner at Mongolian Barbeque at 12 and Gratiot. On the way home while we were driving up Gratiot, his mustang started on fire. We have no idea what happened, but we had to jump out of the car and I had to call 911 and everything. I wanted to completely freak out but I knew I had to keep my composure for Brendon's sake. That car was such a big part of his life. Watching it go up in flames after all the hard work and money he put into it probably had to be the hardest thing ever. It was absolutely horrifying, and it sucked because there was absolutely nothing I could do, but stand there next to him. But I am very thankful we are both safe and alive, but I wish that he could have his car back more than anything :(

Car fireCollapse )

So yeah needless to say it's been hard to keep in good spirits this week. We have been going out a lot and doing things though. We went and played putt putt the other day, and then we went and played basketball and Brend was showing me how to shoot 3 pointers...I actually did really well...he was surprised--and so was I lol!! Yesterday we went to that outdoor mall in Rochester...The Village or whatever. It was a nice day so it was fun to walk and shop around. Then last night we went out to dinner with Melissa and Brian in Mexican Town or whatever in Detroit. I seriously was the worst driver on the way there...I don't know what my deal was! But we finally made it there and the food was amazing, although it was in a pretty scary area of town which I wasn't expecting. But at least I can say I went once.

Well I hope everyone's summer's going well. Love.

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Yeah so... [
UPDATED >> Wednesday 06/28/06 @ 7:50 pm
[ mood | bored ]

MhmmmmmCollapse )

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If love alone could've saved you, you never would have died [
UPDATED >> Tuesday 06/20/06 @ 12:55 am
I've been thinking about Keith a lot lately. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I truly have started to realize that the people that I love are so invaluable to me. I honestly do not know what I would do without them. It will be exactly one year and four months since he died on Thursday, and I know his family and closest friends must still feel so empty. I don't know how I would do it. How can you move on after losing someone you love so much. Keith was amazing, it just leaves me asking so many questions, and constantly feeling so sorry for those lives who are never going to be put all the way back together again. Miss you Keith, so much.
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UPDATED >> Friday 06/16/06 @ 3:56 pm
so i'm pretty sure this is what you feel like when your life is falling apart.
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where did it go? [
UPDATED >> Wednesday 05/10/06 @ 5:44 pm
[ mood | distressed ]

what happened to my passion for teaching???

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The home life [
UPDATED >> Monday 05/01/06 @ 8:30 pm
[ mood | cheerful ]

Soo I moved out of my apartment on Thursday. Brendon came up Wednesday night to help me move all day Thursday...such a sweetheart. I'm not gonna lie, I did get a little teary eyed when I saw my room completely empty. But I'm very happy to be home. I was so exhausted when I got home Thursday I basically just went to sleep. On Friday I was supposed to go up to see Vetti with Steph, but I was way too tired to get out of bed lol. So, that will have to be rescheduled. Then when I finally woke up, I went to the mall with Jenn, Ash, and Mike to help Ashley look for a prom dress. She found the most beautiful one at Cache. When she walked out I literally got the chills. I know I'm a dork but she looked so gorgeous. So then I came home and Brendon came over and we were just lazy and watched Love Actually. Good times. Saturday Brendon brought his little baby cousin Carter over, and we played with him for a couple hours. He is the most adorable thing ever.
Cutie pieCollapse )

So then they left, and Melissa came home from Western at the last minute to come to Canada. That was good because then I wasnt the only girl. So me, Brendon, Melissa, Tom, Steve, and Ryan all headed to Windsor. It was really really fun. It was for Tom's birthday, and it was Brendon's first time. So we all had a lot of fun. Let's see, yesterday I honestly sat around all day and did nothing but watch True Life on MTV. Pathetic I know. But then Brendon came over and we watched Grey's and all that good stuff. Today I woke up, got ready and went to look for jobs, well kinda lol. Then I took Holly to the orthodontist and went up to Bev's to visit. I got there at 4 and didn't end up leaving till almost 8 lol. Me and Miss Bev talked for like an hour before her classes started and it was really nice to talk to her about everything. She is someone I will always look to for advice in hard situations. And she really helped me a lot. I love her so much! I told her that I wasn't going back to Western and she was like omgggg you can come back and dance, and you can teach again!! I just laughed, but I might really consider the offer. There's just something about that place. I love it so much. All the girls, all the parents, all the teachers. Then after I talked to Miss Bev I just helped out at the front desk because it's all crazy right now with recital being like a month away. Well, so that's what I've done since I've been home. Friday Brendon and I are going to see Rachael's play with Anna, so that's exciting, and then Saturday I'm working at camp. Whoop. Other than that if anyone wants to do anything this week let me know! LOVE.

and I saw steph at the dance studio and i love her very much.

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Very bored [
UPDATED >> Monday 04/24/06 @ 2:46 am
[ mood | awake ]


DOLLAR SPENT: mcdonalds yum
CIGARETTE: never had one
MOVIE: Dead Poet's Society
SONG PLAYED: 3 Doors Down- Here by me
BUBBLE BATH: I dislike baths very much
THING YOU ATE: cookies


DATED A BESTFRIEND: I am right now
BEEN IN LOVE: Yup for sure :)


1- Florida
2- Ohio
3- California
4- Maryland
5- Illinois
6- South Carolina
7- Georgia


1- Slept
2- Watched Million Dollar Baby
3- Ate soup and grilled cheese
4- Talked to Brendon
5- Played online lol
6- Watched Dead Poet's Society


1- Brendon
2- My girls
3- My lil Hula Hoop
4- Movies
5- Little kids


1- Brendon
2- Melissa
3- Jenn
4- Alyssia


1- Josh Groban
2- Howie Day
3- Gavin Degraw
ahh i have way more than 3


1- Sky dive
2- Get married/have kids


1- My family/friends

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Someplace to Crash [
UPDATED >> Saturday 04/22/06 @ 3:59 am
[ mood | creative ]

So I just hung out with this amazing band. Two of the guys graduated from Anchor Bay in 2000, and one just graduated from LCN in 2005. The band is called Someplace to Crash!!! Check them out on myspace! You will love them, they have amazing songs, and they are all awesome guys! www.myspace.com/someplacetocrash

do it up

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I can't sleep [
UPDATED >> Tuesday 02/14/06 @ 1:25 am
[ mood | blah ]

So, it is now officially Valentine's Day. Normally I am not one to hate on it, and frankly I get annoyed when girls get all whiny and all blah blah "I don't have a valentine" on me. I can't remember the last time I actually had a valentine on Valentine's Day, but normally I didn't mind it. I would eat my self-bought chocolate and go on about my day wishing my best girl friends a happy day. But this year is different. This year Valentine's Day is mocking me. My situation right now is so...blah. Why does love have to be so complicated. Why do I have to believe in it so much? Believe that it can conquer all, believe that people will do anything for it, believe that it can change my life, believe in it so much that I feel how I feel right now. Sometimes I wish I was a glass half empty, pessimistic, cynical non-believer. But that isn't the case. I DO believe in love. Real, true do-anything-for-each-other-can't-live-without-each-other love. Call me naive, but you'll never be able to talk me out of the idea that I will find that perfect someone for me, if I haven't already found him (which I think I have). I am young, but I still know how I feel. This day is just reminding me that things aren't exactly how I want them to be right now. So today I WILL indulge in lots of chocolate, The Notebook, and have a really good cry. Frankly because, I can. I deserve it. And if I have to be one of those girls that I normally hate this year, then so be it. I don't have a valentine, and it sucks. So there. :)

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Hmmm [
UPDATED >> Wednesday 02/01/06 @ 9:03 pm
[ mood | flirty ]

Well I figured I would update a little. Things have been going good. Classes are going pretty well, and I actually don't really mind going. Last weekend Brendon came up to visit. It was a lot of fun. We bascially just had people come over Jenn, Mel and Alyssia's apartment all weekend. Guess we didn't really feel like going anywhere haha. I love my friends. I'm going home this weekend so I can work at camp. I haven't been home since over Christmas break so I miss it a little. I'm excited to see Holly. Well I never have anything to say, but I miss everyone. I'll post some pictures!

Fun TimesCollapse )

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Wow [
UPDATED >> Friday 01/20/06 @ 5:32 pm
[ mood | complacent ]

So if you've ever seen the All American Rejects video for Dirty Little Secret, you've seen all the people hold up their "secret" on a postcard. The band got this idea from the website www.postsecret.com. I frequently visit it to look at the different things people send in. Nothing's ever had that much of an impact on me until now.

This one really hit homeCollapse )

I'm not alone...

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